Then, hit Save & Close to display the dark theme on Notepad++. After that, select App Theme from the list of options. From there, click the Windows button on your keyboard and launch the Notepad application from the search bar. Access Notepad++ by opening your Start menu, typing in Notepad++, and selecting the app in the search results.

  • Also noteworthy is the emergence of the ability to customize the Start menu.
  • Notepad++ package is named as notepad-plus-plus .
  • While a backup isn’t going to let you restore the original document that has been deleted, it does allow you to restore a copy of it.
  • After you’ve finished typing the content, you can save the file by right-clicking it and selecting Save As.

This theme comes with a soft texture of Monoco font which suites our eyes. You can even use this theme in your notepad ++. You can increase the brightness of your screen if you have a little problem viewing this theme. This is no doubt one of the awesome themes for notepad++.

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Working on the Notepad++ editor for a long period of time with the default theme can make you feel bored. Because the native theme is very basic & it doesn’t have any color combination like many other third-party themes have. We have listed the 12 best Notepad++ themes that are absolutely stunning.

If you find that your files are missing, the first thing you need to do is check the save path and the Recycle Bin. The Save dialog opens with a folder tree and contents pane which show the last folder to which you saved a file. ✦ Offer a high data recovery rate and spend a short time on recovery. ✦ Recover files from system crashes, hard drive formatting, accidental deletion, virus attacks, and many other data loss scenarios.

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Notepad++ is integrated with the IDE features, while Notepad is the text editor that’s a native part of the Windows systems. If this method doesn’t work for you, try the command method mentioned below. Shared Root Nation profile for publishing non-personalized content, ads and team project posts. If we talk about the names of Notepad or Notepad++ files, these are quite similar, which does not mean they both are the same. Always make sure that your computer system and its applications are running smoothly without any issues to avoid crashing.

Killer Relaxation Theme for Notepad++

A theme controls the foreground, background-color along with font attributes like name, size, etc. Notepad++ 8.5 is now available, and the most noticeable change is that the installer now adds a File Explorer menu item entry for Windows 11. After the update is installed, you’ll see an “Edit with Notepad++” option when right-clicking a file, without needing to go into the secondary layer. Notepad++ is also still in the old-style context menu, so if you’ve completely turned off the new menu, you won’t lose the option. I use all the time when I’m jotting down notes for something. In case anything goes wrong and my computer crashes, I can rest assure that my notes are saved and will return when I load the program again.

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